How does the process work?

To get started, you must choose a package and answer some simple questions to help with production. After your purchase, you will be e-mail directions on how to ship the sample product to the creator. The creator will script, shoot your product, and edit viral TikTok video ads within 3 - 9 business days after your product is delivered to them. Sweet and simple isn't?

Why should I choose you?

We create high converting TikTok ads for your dropshipping business using real UGC content that we record/edit in house. We don't rip content from the internet like our main competitors Bandsoffads & ViralEcomAdz.

What's the delivery time?
Your order will be completed 3 - 9 business days after your sample product is delivered to the creator's delivery address. We recommend using Amazon Prime to deliver the sample product as fast as possible.
Do you write the scripts?
During the checkout process, you can either choose hooks from our selection or provide your own custom hooks. The creator will be responsible for scripting the videos according to the hooks you choose. Our creators are trained to create the best scripts for high converting TikTok ads.
Videos in other languages?
No, we create videos in English only. However you may request in the custom notes to leave out the text on videos so that you could add your own text & music on the raw video template.
Am I required to send a sample product?
Yes, the client is required to send a sample product to the UGC creator after making a purchase on DropifyAds.

How can I send a product to the creator?
You may send the sample product via Amazon Prime (for the fastest shipping) or directly ship out from your warehouse inventory. The creator's delivery address will be sent to you by e-mail within 12 hours after purchase.

Can I have the raw unedited clips?
Yes, at an additional cost we can provide the raw unedited clips from your product's video shoot so that you can create unlimited variations by adding your own text & music.
What is your refund policy?
It's hard work and time consuming to record/edit videos. We respect our creator's time. With that being said, we provide no refunds after your order is completed.