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100 Videos Package (50 Products x 2 Creatives) Custom Quote (Gilberto)

100 Videos Package (50 Products x 2 Creatives) Custom Quote (Gilberto)

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100 Videos Package

50 Products x 2 Creatives

Custom Quote (Gilberto)

Estimated Delivery Speed: Due to this being a large order, we cannot complete this project within our normal 6 - 9 day timeframe. However the creator will work as fast a possible and will aim to complete 10 - 15 ads per week. It will take max 6 weeks to complete this project. Videos will be uploaded into a Google Drive folder when they are completed so you can expect the first set of videos to appear within 6 days of placing the order.

Raw Content Included: The raw unedited version of the content from each product's video shoot will also be included for free (normally we charge an additional fee for access to raw content but it will be free for you as courtesy).

Product return arrangement: We understand that delivering 50 sample products can be costly so the creator can return sample products to your desired address if you wish. An additional shipping costs will be arranged if you wish to have the products returned.

We Create High Quality TikTok Videos For Your Dropshipping Business! Features Include:

High-Converting Ads

You send the product to us through Amazon to bring it to us as fast as possible and we'll video shoot your product with a hot female model actor to create high converting ads for your TikTok ads / dropshipping business!

Hot Female UGC

We use hot female influencers to create UGC (user generated content) videos for your TikTok ads to boost your conversion rate by 36%

Hooks & Custom Script

The first 3 seconds of your TikTok videos is crucial because you must hook people into continually watching. We provide 100+ best hooks and you decide which hook for us to use when shooting your videos! We let you control the theme of the videos.

Text & Robot Voice

We include text overlays, background music, and text-to-speech robot voice turned on to create high converting TikTok video ads for your dropshipping business.

Flexible Delivery Times

We take speedy delivery very seriously which is why we offer free or upgraded delivery time options for you to choose from.


- Standard Delivery 7 - 21 Days (Free)

- Express Delivery 3 - 7 Days Guaranteed ⚡ (+ $100)

- Same-Day Delivery Guaranteed ⚡⚡⚡ (+ $300)

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How Does It Work?

  • Choose Your Package

    Browse through our services and select the package that best suits your marketing goals.

  • Answer Questionnaire

    Fill out a questionnaire to provide additional info of your video ad goals before placing your order.

  • Ship Product To Creator

    You must ship your product to your assigned content creator using Amazon or other shipping methods.

  • Speedy Delivery

    Our creators will record and edit high-converting TikTok video ads with flexible and speedy delivery time options available.